About Me & KorK

Hello Internet!

My name is Katie Barbee and I am the creator, owner, & writer of this blog, Kool or Katastrophy, also known as KorK.

Alliteration aside, I created Kool or Katastrophy during a blogging class for college back in January 2013. Since then, I've talked about or tested various trends, projects, and ideas from my personal life and otherwise. KorK is very diverse, as I cover topics varying from food, music, entertainment (movies and gaming), online trends, fashion tips, and so much more!
Hi Internet! Katie Here!


-I'm a College Senior studying Communication Arts as well as English and Creative Writing. I'm graduating in May 2014.

-My dream job(s): to work for one of the best music magazines or radio stations or to work for a great film, video game, or entertainment corporation!

-I am a Southern Belle- Yes, I'm from the South. I was born and raised on my family's beef farm where we breed and raise cattle. I still help out my family as often as I can aside from my college life.

-Even though I'm a Southern girl, I'd love to travel the world someday. The places include Italy, Greece, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, as well as many places in the USA including California and New York.

-I'm rather silly, geeky, nerdy, dorky, girly, and tomboyish, among other traits. If you follow me on social media, most likely I'll be either freaking out over some new video games that are coming out, a television show, what happened at Comic-Con, what shenanigans I've gotten into, and so much more.

-I love watching movies and television shows, surfing through the internet (YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.), reading books, writing, taking photography, playing video games, singing, and listening to almost all genres of music, along with spending time with my friends and family.

-My favorite website for inspiration for KorK? Pinterest, hands down. With my many friends and family scattered from place to place, it's fun to see what everyone shares. Actually, I was surfing through Pinterest when I was brainstorming ideas for a blog, therefore spawning KorK.

     If you would like to know more about me or have a suggestion of a topic that you would like for me to test, review, or explore into, please feel free to post on my suggestion page, follow me on social media, comment on one of my posts, or email me at koolorkatastrophy@gmail.com

I would love to hear from you!