October 13, 2013

September & October 2013 Favorites!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

     I know, I know…it’s been QUITE A WHILE since I’ve posted last, and once again, I’m sorry! My senior year of college has a rather hectic schedule; especially with my two internships involve planning contests, working games (social media, graphics for our live-stream, etc.), as well as my basic priorities regarding my academic courses.

     It’s been especially busy for these last few weeks, and they’re only going to get a little bit worse within the next two weeks as I help put some city-wide contests into place as well as help work the many athletic events before, during, and after Homecoming.

     (I’ll probably end up turning into a Walker from The Walking Dead sooner if not later because of it all. Haha!) Thankfully, I’m now on Fall Break from college (after working athletic events for half of it), which I’ve gladly welcomed with open arms for many reasons, one being SLEEP.

     But since it has been so long since I’ve posted last, I wanted to do something, for you, my amazing readers. I’m going to share with you my favorites from September as well as for this month, October! (Talk about a combo attack!)
     So, here are my various favorites from September as well as for October!

Favorite Drink:
White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks     
Photo Credit: Starbucks.com
     So my college recently replaced our small sub sandwich shop with a Starbucks knock-off, which serves Starbucks products…and since it’s in the center of campus, guess who goes there every day whether she plans on it or not? Yep, this girl… Since it’s getting colder, I always stop in and get a tea or better yet, my favorite drink- a White Hot Chocolate- before I head to my internship across campus. The White Hot Chocolate is, for a lack of better words, HEAVEN for anyone who loves white chocolate (like me!). It’s like you’re biting into (well, drinking) a white chocolate bar, and is incredibly delicious. It's one of my favorite things from Starbucks, alongside their Cotton Candy Frappuccino (
Vanilla Bean Frap with Raspberry Syrup) and numerous others. If you’re a fan of white chocolate- try it out. You’ll thank me.

Favorite Beauty Product:
Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri ‘Cinna-Snap’ Nail Polish
     I recently wanted to find a great color nail polish for the fall, particularly a plum, wine, or red violet color… (I have my girly moments). So when I went shopping last, I found this little beauty- a gorgeous dark red-violet/cinnamon imperial candy color. After purchasing and trying it out, I can now say that it’s one of my favorite nail polishes currently, especially because of the flat brush applicator which makes it easy to use (even with your less dominant hand!). It’s worth trying out, and after reapplying it on my nails, I realized that it would be great for blood accents for anyone who wanted to make blood splattered nails or if someone wanted a dark red that resembled deoxygenated blood…but I digress. (Sorry for the visual!)

Favorite Accessory:
My homemade TARDIS beanie/toboggan! 
(Made by one of my best friends!)
Photo Credit: Katie Barbee
     ALLONSY! I honestly have some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and I’ll admit that I’m incredibly blessed. One of my best friends, Rebecca, loves to crochet, and made this amazing hat for me with the TARDIS (from Dr. Who) surrounding it about year ago. Needless to say, this is still one of my favorite accessories and has been a constant companion of mine, especially with cold and windy weather. Every time I wear it up to campus to attend classes, I always at least get two compliments on it- which is always a pleasant surprise.

Favorite Album:
“Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die…” by Panic! At The Disco
     Panic!’s new album, as usual, was everything I expected it to be and more. The band has their usual flair for the dramatic and serious concerns, and their tracks definitely reflect it. One of the tracks in particular addresses the racial issue of social acceptance regarding sexual orientation (“Girls/Girls/Boys”). Regardless, it’s one heck of a catchy and addicting album to add to their discography. It’s also one of the top albums that’s on repeat on my iPod currently- it’s worth taking a listen to.

Favorite Song:
“Lost In Stereo” by All Time Low

(All Rights Go To Their Respected Owners!)

     It’s an oldie, but goodie, and I can’t help but replay this song over and over and sing along. I randomly heard it back in mid-September (on Pandora, I believe) and I fell in love with this song all over again after years of it being stuck in the back of my mind. All Time Low is one of my favorite bands alongside so many numerous others, and if I’m ever in a bad mood, I’ll let this track resonate through my headphones once or twice, and I’m all set. In a way, I feel like this song is part of my life’s soundtrack, for I’m always ‘stuck in stereo’ for most of my day. (Haha!)

Favorite YouTube Video: 
“Stay The Night” by Zedd featuring Hayley Williams
Photo Credit: Alternative Press
(All Rights Go To Their Respected Owners! 
You'll have to go to YouTube to view the official video due to 
VEVO's restrictions- they own the video, not me! 
This is the song only!)

     This has to be one of my favorite songs with a video yet that features dance since P!nk’s “Try” video in which she and another perform an interpretive dance discussing a rough relationship. In “Stay The Night”, the dance is between a couple who is struggling as they are apart from one another in the relationship- which is seen between the two as they imagine what the other is doing and picturing them in each other’s bed, etc. With its catchy piano and bass as well as Hayley’s vocals adding into the mix, it’s one song that’ll stick in your head for ages to come. It’s one of my favorite songs to play in my car with the bass and volume up as well as to sing repeatedly. (You'll have watch the official video here- X to see what I mean- I can't share the video here due to their restrictions, which is understandable and respectable- it belongs to them, not me.)

     Well KorKers, that’s my favorites for September and October (so far)! There should be another post coming soon in regards to Halloween, so stay tuned!

     If you have any comments about my favorites, please leave them in the comment section below. If you have any suggestions about what I should discuss next, please post them below in the comment section as well or on my suggestion page, on the official Facebook page, or by email at koolorkatastrophy@gmail.com!

KorK Rating: Kool
Until Next Time!
Love you guys tons! -Katie <3

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