September 4, 2013

Fitted Shirt Tutorial: Kool or Katastrophy?

Happy Wednesday KorKers!

     I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted last, but with my senior year of college having just begun, going to see We The Kings, Breathe Carolina, T-Mills, The Ready Set, and Like The Movies on the 28th, my schedule has been pretty hectic, but entertaining. 

     [I’m sorry about not posting sooner! I’ll try to get better at posting things more regularly unless schoolwork and my internships get too much for me to handle.] Today, I want to share with you a project that I did to prepare for the concert:

     To prepare for the concert, I went online and ordered some WTK merchandise for Sara and I since we didn’t have any- three tank tops (two were the same, the other different), and I also went and bought some temporary WiFi Tattoos from the CTFxC merchandise shop (Charles Trippy is the bassist of WTK and one of the members of CTFxC) to wear to the event. However there was one problem- one of the tank tops I wanted (different from the other two) was only available in an XL, and it was the last of the stock. So, I ordered it anyway, figuring that I could shrink it.

     The merchandise arrived quickly, and Sara and I began to prepare for one amazing night. The tank, like I had thought, was indeed WAY TOO BIG. It actually could double as a dress if I wanted it to! So, my Mom and I got to work on adjusting it so I could actually wear it as a shirt rather than a dress.

Here’s what you do:

-Take the larger shirt and lay it on a clean surface, placing the smaller shirt on top and centering it evenly- you should be able to see the even amounts of extra fabric difference between the larger shirt and the smaller one.

-Pin or mark the difference, and carefully sew on the line to make a new seam. Once both sides are sewn, you can trim away the extra fabric or just leave it on in case you need to let it back out later on.

See the difference from the original seam and the new one?

-If needed, feel free to continue adjusting various aspects of the shirt- hem, sleeves, etc. until it fits to your requirements. And Voila! You now have a fitted shirt! J

     It’s that easy. As far as the concert went, the concert itself was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, especially with We The Kings, The Ready Set, and Breathe Carolina (in my opinion). I went into further detail about my night on my Tumblr account- feel free to search there for it or just ask me!

     I hope you guys give this one a try, and I’ll see you guys next time!

     Feel free to leave your comments about this project along with your suggestions for future posts in the comment box down below, on the fan suggestion page, on the Facebook fanpage, or by email at!

KorK Rating: Kool
Until next time!
-Katie <3

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