September 8, 2013

August Favorites 2013 Part 2: We The Kings Summerfest Tour 2013 Experience!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

Welcome to Part 2 of my August 2013 Favorites! 

     Anyway, back at the end of August, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to go and see one of my favorite bands, We The Kings (WTK), along with some other amazing groups (Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, T-Mills, and Like The Movies) perform in Charlotte, North Carolina, about an hour or so away from my hometown. Needless to say, when the tour dates were posted online and with a decent ticket price, I was ecstatic and bought tickets for my sister Sara and I right away- we weren’t going to miss out!

     When we arrived at the venue, we actually were slightly late (the show started at 7pm, and we showed up around 7:15-7:20pm)…what we didn’t expect would be that Sara and I would get to meet Travis Clark (lead singer of WTK), Charles Trippy (bassist of WTK and member of CTFxC), and his wife Alli Trippy (of CTFxC) as we were walking up to the venue! Talk about a total star struck moment, especially when they complimented us on our shirts and we got hugs from Travis! That made my night. However, we didn’t get a chance for a photo- because they were on a mission to get some crepes and dinner before the show, and we weren’t going to interrupt that! (Haha!)

     After the first bands (Like The Movies, The Ready Set, T-Mills, Breathe Carolina) performed (see the video below of The Ready Set performing), we were still psyched to see what would come next!

     Soon, We The Kings came up and started their set. When We The Kings was performing (which was spectacular), I also caught one of Charles’ guitar picks during a song, which was another struck of luck to my amazing night.

     Other than that, the concert overall was absolutely wonderful, and we met some amazing people there, Shea and Brianna (who took these amazing photos!) as well. 

     We hung out with them during the different sets by the bands and took a lot of photos! Sara and I really love and appreciate the photos and loved hanging out with you guys! You're both amazing!

Here's some pictures from We The King's set, thanks to Brianna, Sara, and I- Enjoy!

Photo Credits: All Photos except for the first and last ones of this stack belong to Brianna and Shea, the first one belongs to me, Katie Barbee, and the last belongs to Sara Barbee.

     Overall,  if anyone ever doubts about attending a We The Kings, Breathe Carolina, T-Mills, The Ready Set, or Like The Movies concert- DON’T. The guys are incredibly nice, funny, and down to earth; you’ll have a blast! 

     Also, if you have any questions or comments about this concert, please feel free to comment in the box below; if you have suggestions for future posts, please post them below, on the fan suggestions page, or email me at!

KorK Rating: KOOL!
Until next time!
-Katie <3

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