September 29, 2013

A KorK Original Recipe: How To Make Homemade Butter!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

     I hope you’ve all had a great weekend with this new adjustment to the weather called Fall. I have to admit, I’m rather excited for sweater weather. It allows for you to dress comfortably, which is a plus. Besides the casual change in the weather, all of the fall foods are reemerging, including Pumpkin Spices in various foods, to just continuously remind us that the holidays are slowly approaching.

     With most food, seasonal or not, there is usually a constant ingredient that we all purchase and use: butter. We really do take modern technology for granted; especially with how quickly our foods can be mass-produced, packaged, and dispersed throughout out the nation, especially the basics such as milk, bread, and butter.

     During one of my Communication Arts classes this past week taught by my blogging teacher (who helped me create KorK and is a distinguished blogger herself- [She is the owner and writer of the popular barbecue blog Barbecue Master]); we had a discussion about creating Media/Press Kits and how we would promote a certain company or product.

      Somehow along the way, my professor and I started talking about promoting a blog, which resulted in my telling her of a cool project that my Mom did with my sisters and I as kids- making butter by hand; and she suggested that I talk about it for my blog this week.

     Well, to Professor Cyndi Wittum and my amazing readers- here it is: 
How I Make Homemade Butter.

     What you need: A quart sized Mason jar; a lid from a mayonnaise jar (or one that will screw on the top of it securely); some salt (optional); and one pint of heavy whipping cream (cold or room temperature- either will work).
This is what I mean by a Mayonnaise Jar Lid.
     Open and pour the heavy whipping cream into the quart jar, and securely close it with the lid.

     Once it’s securely sealed- SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE! (Haha!)
     But really, shake it continuously, whether you have to do it like a Shake Weight, rock it back and forth like a see-saw, or even if you have to roll it along the floor between you and another person- SHAKE IT in any way that you can.

     As you continue shaking, small bits of butter will start to form- keep shaking it until there is a slurry mess, and then continue to shake it until there is a large solid piece of butter floating in the remaining cream (which should now be similar to the consistency of water around the mass). This may take about an hour or so to do, varying on how your stamina is.

     Once you have the solid piece of butter in the jar with the remaining “buttermilk”, carefully pour out the “buttermilk” and place your butter into a bowl. Lightly sprinkle some salt over the top of it and stir it in. That’s really all it takes- you now have homemade butter!

     For me though, I love having some Honey Butter to add a little sweetness, especially to one of my favorite things, toasted blueberry bagels. To make your Butter into Honey Butter, just add in some honey and mix. It’s that simple.

     I hope you guys give this one a try- it’s really simple and rather fun to do, especially with kids, not to mention that it’s pretty delicious. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below! 

     Also, if you have any suggestions for future projects or topics that I should talk about, please leave them in the comments as well, or on my suggestions page, Facebook Fanpage, or Email me at!

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-Katie <3

September 22, 2013

A KorK Original Recipe: Homemade Beans & Weenies!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

     It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I apologize. My college schedule has gotten slightly hectic alongside my personal life (lots of family visiting, some in the hospital, etc.), but I knew that I wanted to share with you, my amazing readers, through this hectic time some great news: IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL!

     It’s time for comfy sweaters, bon fires, and of course, comfort food such as stews, chili, fresh baked pies, and of course, anything pumpkin flavored (as many of my friends are obsessed with this time of year). And to celebrate, I made one of my (as well as my family’s) favorite comfort foods, homemade Beans & Weenies and cornbread.

     Now let me tell you, this ain’t the little tiny cans of Beanie Weenies that you find in the supermarket that only contains about 2 ounces of food. This is a REAL, FUFILLING, and EASY meal to put together- guys, even you can easily put this together. That’s how confident I am.

     Well, to make this delicious meal, you need: a pack of hotdogs (your choice), 2 cans of beans (you can use the same ones as I have pictured, but it’s completely up to you.), a large onion (I used a sweet Vidalia onion), and the secret ingredient, mustard. Also you need a cutting board, knife, and about a 2 to 3 quart pot (varies on how much you want to make).

     To start, get out a cutting board and knife, and then clean the onion (taking off the outer peel and cutting the top and bottom off). Chop the entire onion into small, bite-size pieces and place them into the pot (you can always have less onion if you choose so).

     Next, take half of the hotdogs from the pack (4) and cut them into small bite-size pieces (pictured below), and place them into the pot.

     Turn the oven burner on HIGH, and sauté until the onions are translucent and the hotdogs are cooked thoroughly (they may have a small singe on each side, and that’s okay!).

     Then, carefully add in both cans of beans (one at a time), and stir until well mixed.
First Can...
And the Second!
     Then, it’s time to add in the secret ingredient: mustard. Squirt in a small amount of mustard (about the size of a quarter or a fifty cent piece/about a tablespoon) into the pot and stir thoroughly.

Bring the pot to a boil, stirring often, until the Beans & Weenies are hot. 
That’s it! It’s that simple.

     Now, it’s time to assemble your bowl! I made some cornbread earlier, so I took a slice or two and broke them into crumbles at the bottom of my bowl before scooping out enough Beans & Weenies on top to cover the cornbread. 
     And as a finishing touch, a small handful of shredded cheese to top it off. 
And now, FEAST!

     This is one of my favorite go-to recipes, not only for the fall, because it’s really warm and comforting. I couldn’t resist sharing this recipe with you, my amazing readers. I hope ya’ll give this a recipe a try- it’s worth it, especially if you need something quick and easy to put together after a hectic day at work or school.

     Also, let me know in the comments below what you love the most about fall or about your favorite comfort food! If you have any suggestions about what I should talk about or a project that I should try out next, please let me know in the comments below, on my suggestions page, the Kool or Katastrophy? Facebook Page or by email at

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September 8, 2013

August Favorites 2013 Part 2: We The Kings Summerfest Tour 2013 Experience!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

Welcome to Part 2 of my August 2013 Favorites! 

     Anyway, back at the end of August, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to go and see one of my favorite bands, We The Kings (WTK), along with some other amazing groups (Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, T-Mills, and Like The Movies) perform in Charlotte, North Carolina, about an hour or so away from my hometown. Needless to say, when the tour dates were posted online and with a decent ticket price, I was ecstatic and bought tickets for my sister Sara and I right away- we weren’t going to miss out!

     When we arrived at the venue, we actually were slightly late (the show started at 7pm, and we showed up around 7:15-7:20pm)…what we didn’t expect would be that Sara and I would get to meet Travis Clark (lead singer of WTK), Charles Trippy (bassist of WTK and member of CTFxC), and his wife Alli Trippy (of CTFxC) as we were walking up to the venue! Talk about a total star struck moment, especially when they complimented us on our shirts and we got hugs from Travis! That made my night. However, we didn’t get a chance for a photo- because they were on a mission to get some crepes and dinner before the show, and we weren’t going to interrupt that! (Haha!)

     After the first bands (Like The Movies, The Ready Set, T-Mills, Breathe Carolina) performed (see the video below of The Ready Set performing), we were still psyched to see what would come next!

     Soon, We The Kings came up and started their set. When We The Kings was performing (which was spectacular), I also caught one of Charles’ guitar picks during a song, which was another struck of luck to my amazing night.

     Other than that, the concert overall was absolutely wonderful, and we met some amazing people there, Shea and Brianna (who took these amazing photos!) as well. 

     We hung out with them during the different sets by the bands and took a lot of photos! Sara and I really love and appreciate the photos and loved hanging out with you guys! You're both amazing!

Here's some pictures from We The King's set, thanks to Brianna, Sara, and I- Enjoy!

Photo Credits: All Photos except for the first and last ones of this stack belong to Brianna and Shea, the first one belongs to me, Katie Barbee, and the last belongs to Sara Barbee.

     Overall,  if anyone ever doubts about attending a We The Kings, Breathe Carolina, T-Mills, The Ready Set, or Like The Movies concert- DON’T. The guys are incredibly nice, funny, and down to earth; you’ll have a blast! 

     Also, if you have any questions or comments about this concert, please feel free to comment in the box below; if you have suggestions for future posts, please post them below, on the fan suggestions page, or email me at!

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August Favorites 2013: Part 1!

Happy Sunday KorKers!

     I know this has been long overdue, but here it is: MY AUGUST FAVORITES…and just wait…there is also A BONUS POST ABOUT SEEING WE THE KINGS LIVE!

     Now, now, calm yourselves. I’m not sure if you guys can handle two posts in one day, but here they are! I feel like my favorites for August are a little overwhelming, so I decided to share with you, my amazing readers about my experience in an entire new post!

     But before I talk about We The Kings in the second part of my favorites (linked below), I present to you:

     August has been quite an entertaining and amazing month, varying from spending time with my friends and family, helping out at my college’s freshman orientation, starting my senior year of college, and of course, seeing We The Kings, T-Mills, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, and Like The Movies live in Charlotte, NC. Even within this crazy month, I still have my favorites.

Favorite Song for August: “Acapella” by Karmin
(All rights belong to their respected owners- I don't own this!)

     This is by far, one of my favorite songs for August by this crazy amazing duo. With Karmin’s amazing mix of genres and styles including pop and rap in their music, it’s refreshing and catchy when you hear it. I’ve been a big fan of theirs since “Brokenhearted” hit the radio waves, and I’m anxiously waiting for “Acapella” to start being played, because it is a energetic and fun song, especially for the girls who are single or recently got out of a relationship. I love listening to it while I’m getting ready for classes in the morning because it puts me in a great mood. Just give this track a listen as well as with their other music, you won’t regret it!

Favorite Food/Snack for August: Frozen Grapes or 
Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream
Photo Credit:
YUMMMMM...Cake Batter Froyo!
     You may be thinking, I understand the Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream, but frozen grapes? Well, my family and I went to visit some friends of ours out at their lake house for dinner, and we tried it there. Let me tell you, they’re slightly addicting due to the difference of the consistency/state of the grape (fresh vs. frozen), they’re delicious and healthy, make a good snack, and they can help cool you down just as well as any ice cream would on a hot day. As far as the cake batter frozen yogurt/ice cream, it’s as amazing as it sounds, and slightly addicting due to its delicious nature. (Haha!)

Favorite YouTube Channel for August: Netty Scribble 
(formerly Scribble Netty)
(All rights belong to their respected owners- I don't own this!)

     If you’re a big fan of YouTubers like I am, including PewDiePie, Cryaotic, CinnamonToastKen, and CutiePieMarzia, then you’ve probably seen one or more of Netty’s fananimations. Netty’s a Hungarian YouTuber who posts some of my favorite animations about these YouTubers, and she is INSANELY talented. I honestly wish that I could draw like her, let alone animate and operate Adobe Photoshop as easily! Since joining in late June of last year, she’s skyrocketed within the YouTube community with her videos being featured on PewDiePie’s and CinnamonToastKen’s channels as well as getting shoutouts by them and other YouTubers about her animations and her ‘How Do I Draw…?’ videos (one is posted above). Make sure to check out her channel, especially if you’re a big fan of any of the YouTubers I’ve mentioned. She’s definitely one of my favorite YouTubers to watch and rewatch continuously.

Favorite YouTube video for August: ‘Singing With Helium’ 
(All rights belong to their respected owners- I don't own this!)

     I’ve been a big fan and subscriber of Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler on YouTube for a while now, and when this video debuted in late August, it made the rough day that I had been having a million times better- I’m not lying. In this video, Marcus and Tyler have a blast singing, rapping, and dancing to various songs with not just any balloons, but HELIUM balloons, which makes it even more hilarious. I’ve had this video on repeat and in my favorites because regardless of how many times I view it, I always smile, laugh, and sing along. This video is well worth watching, as well as subscribing to both of their channels.

Well KorKers, this is just part one of my epic double post of August Favorites! The link to the second part can be found HERE, where I discuss my last favorite for the month of August, my favorite experience!

     Please let me know in the comments below what you think about these favorites, and let me know what your favorites were for this month down below as well. If you have any suggestions for future posts/projects that I should do for KorK, please leave them down in the comments section below, on my suggestion page, or email me at!

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