August 18, 2013

D.I.Y. Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket

Happy Sunday KorKers!

     I hope you’ve had a great weekend! I’ve been pretty busy since Wednesday, as I have been helping plan, assemble, and am currently working at my college’s freshmen orientation as an Alpha. At my college, Alphas are students (sophomores and up) who volunteer their time and energy to help incoming freshmen to adjust easily into the college culture and the basics of being a college student. This way, by making orientation for incoming students easier, they aren’t struggling as much compared to someone who is dropped into college blindly. As Alphas, we can be friends and mentors to these students as they adjust, answering any questions they may have, etc.

     While being an Alpha is a big job, especially when planning and putting all of the information together for the students (in individual and personalized folders with helpful and necessary information for orientation and beyond), us Alphas get to bond as a team as we prepare for the new students to arrive. This year, we’ve all gone out for a nice dinner, went bowling, and also had a movie night on one of the campus lawns with s’mores, popcorn, and drinks. How cool is that?

     Well, in preparation for the movie night (which was planned months previously), I wanted to make something that I could use for that night and long after- an outdoor blanket that could withstand the usual wear and tear of multiple trips and also be water resistant and comfortable to use in any and all situations. 

     So after looking through Pinterest for ideas, which consisted of multiple shower curtains and towel combinations, my Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby to see if we could come up with an improvisation that would work a little better.

     As we were looking through the seasonal items that were recently stocked, we came across this tablecloth, which was not only pretty to look at, but it was also water resistant!

     Needless to say, that came home with us, along with about 3& 1/2 yards each of two different colored/patterned flannel material and some matching thread. (You can also use one solid color of flannel- just make sure to get enough to cover the area of the tablecloth! Ours was super large, so we had to get a lot of flannel.)

     To make the blanket, we first sketched out how much of the flannel that we needed to cut and sew together to make the inner panel connect to the border- to create the flannel side of the blanket’s entirety. After pinning, sewing, and ironing the flannel pieces together and the folds down, came the interesting part- pinning both the tablecloth and flannel backing together to prep for a final sewing.

     For our blanket, my Mom and I kept an one inch border around the length of the blanket whereas for the width (shorter ends), we did a two inch border; to help with identifying which was which for folding purposes later on.
The border width for the shorter ends (the width of the blanket). 
The border width for the length of the blanket. 

    Once you’ve sewn the final borders down, you’re done! You now have an amazing outdoor blanket that is perfect for those fall nights, summer trips, or just for an emergency- the options are endless. 

     For me, I enjoyed using mine during our Alpha Movie Night with some of my amazing friends as we watched the newest version of ‘The Great Gatsby’, which is one of my favorite books.

     I hope you give this one a try! Please leave your comments below about this project, any suggestions for future projects (here, on my suggestions page, or by email at, and I’ll see you next time!
KorK Rating: Kool
-Katie <3

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