August 14, 2013

Back to School 2013?! Already?

Happy Wednesday KorKers!

     Well, it’s that time of year once again in which all of the stores are setting out the dreaded ’Back to School’ displays filled with pencils, notebooks, and various school supplies. For most students, it’s a time of impending doom, as the supply displays are a warning that summer is almost at a close, whereas for others (such as my sister, who’s a teacher), it’s one of the best times of the year- almost any and all supplies are on sale at cheap prices. 
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     For me, it's a time of shock and excitement- this is my senior year in college! On one hand, I'm a little scared and nervous to find a job after college in my field and I'm still surprised at how fast time flew but on the other hand, I'm still excited to start my last year! 

    Whether or not you’re an educator or a student in high school or college, everyone has to face the wrath of getting back into the usual swing of things when school comes back around.

     For college students however, especially college freshmen, they have it a little tougher. To start, they’re adjusting from a high school to a college or university setting, which is a drastic switch from the usual comfort of home to dorm rooms or apartments and having to put your own education into your own hands as you go to class and look out for yourself. For some, that can be easier said than done, whereas for others, it may be a simplistic and instinctual switch.

     For these college freshmen, here are some pointers from one of the many students who volunteer to help you out at orientation (this is my third year assisting with my college’s freshmen orientation).

     -Make sure you ask questions to your RA, Orientation Helper (Alpha, Student Volunteer, etc.), or someone in Student Affairs if you have any questions about what you can or cannot have in your dorm, how laundry works, etc. They’re there to HELP YOU, so feel free to bother and ask them questions to make sure that you understand- it’s their job!

     -Plan out a list of the things that you will or may need throughout the year (for at least the first semester if you’re going home over the holiday breaks to change winter clothes out for spring clothes, etc.) and make sure to cover all of the bases- if you join a music or performance group on campus, etc., you may want particular things for them- along with your basic school supplies (laptop, notebooks, pens, paper, stapler, paperclips, etc.). It will prove superbly helpful to have things that you may need at the spur of the moment or in emergencies.  [Also, make sure you bring an alarm clock!!! Your phone may not work as an alarm clock as well as you may think!]

     -With that, make sure to follow the first point about what you can or cannot bring with you to your campus- some schools will have lists or specifications for what you may have in your dorm. If they have them, please FOLLOW THEM. They are on the list for a reason (fire hazard, etc.).

     -Make sure to get a good night’s sleep- you’ll definitely need it during orientation, in which you will most likely be walking around and listening to a lot of valuable information at once. During orientation, make a point to ask questions if you don’t understand something, want to genuinely ask about a certain major/minor/etc., or just to contribute to the conversation, DO IT. It can help to break the tension that you may have (if you have any) and just from contributing, something positive or meaningful may come out of it. (It’s better to ask- there are no stupid questions- NONE. There is probably someone else who may be wondering the same thing- I’ve seen it happen numerous times.)

     -Lastly, be yourself. Don’t put up a facade or alter ego up when you’re at orientation or on campus- it will lead to a whole lot of trouble and soon, you might get over your head in a rough situation. Just be yourself and as you meet people, be nice and courteous to others- you’ll never know what kind of people you’ll meet- from orientation throughout the year! (I actually have met some amazing people this way, and I’m lucky to have them as my friends. It’s worth a try! ;] There will be people who have similar interests as you, don’t worry!)

     To the incoming college freshmen and all students and educators who are returning to school, good luck and have a great year! :D

Until next time! –Katie <3


  1. Wonderful advice dear sister. Maybe you should email the link to your freshman group? ;) love always! Rachel

    1. Thanks Rach! :) And I may- thanks for the suggestion!
      Love ya! -Katie<3


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