June 9, 2013

Hair Chalking: Kool or Katastrophy?

Happy Sunday KorKers!
     I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! This weekend, I wanted to try out something that I’ve wanted to experiment with for a while now: Hair Chalking. I’ve had the things I needed to do it with, but forgot about it for a little while. So, as I was organizing my room some more, I found my chalk pastels and made sure to try it out!

     The main reason that I wanted to try Hair Chalking is because of this pin from Pinterest:
Seems simple enough, right? Well, it really is. 

     What you need are: chalk pastels (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for about $7) or sidewalk chalk, a straightening or curling iron (I used my clipless curling wand), a comb, water (in a spray bottle with a mist setting), hairspray, and a towel (to keep the work surface clean- I also used it to set my supplies on so the chalk wouldn’t go everywhere).
(A Small Sample of The Pastels I Had- There Were 24 More!)
     There are two ways to apply the color, by using the pastel directly onto the hair, or by shaving off some of the pastel into a container and combining it with some water for a paste/paint-like texture to put onto the hair. Both methods work rather well, but I really like the second approach with making it into a paint- you can create a good amount for how much color you want to use, and you could always use a paintbrush to apply it evenly.

     Regardless of which method you choose, make sure the hair is clean, dry, and untangled before you start. Then, separate the strand that you want to color (its easier to work from the bottom layer and go up), and twist it before dampening it with the spray bottle of water (mist it). 

     Then choose the pastel color you’d like to use (depending on how dark or light the hair color is, it may not turn out exactly like the color it is currently in pastel chalk form!) and either shave it (for the paint method) into a container and make your ‘paint’. 
     Or you can take the pastel and directly apply it onto the twisted strand of hair until it is coated to the amount you want. [I like to have some that are fully covered and some that are partial, it kind of gives it a tie-dye look!] 
     Once you’ve finished coating the strand in the color(s), take a straightening iron or curling iron and curl/straighten the piece of hair carefully. 

     After its fully curled or straightened, spritz the strand with some hair spray, and VIOLA. You have successfully done the art of hair chalking!
     This concept is super easy, fun, and great for holidays such as Halloween or just dressing up for concerts, birthdays, or even for a school spirit week (such as a crazy hair day). It’s pretty simple to put together and do, and it cleans up easily with soap and water (it just washes right out after a shower!).

     Please let me know if you give this one a try and feel free to send your pictures of your hair chalking to my Twitter, Facebook fanpage, or comment below with your results, comments, or suggestions for future posts! I’d love to hear from you!
KorK Rating: Kool
Until Wednesday, -Katie <3

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