June 23, 2013

D.I.Y. No Fray & Dent-Free Elastic Hair Ties!

Happy Sunday KorKers!
     I know it’s been a week since I last posted, but man, I seem to have lost track of time this past week…it may have something to do with my sleep schedule flipping on its head for about two days of it, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a great week since last Sunday- I have an awesome project to share with you.

     Over the last month or so, I’ve found a handful of people on Pinterest and some amazing fashion gurus on YouTube talking or repinning links about dent-free and non-fraying hair ties that look like bracelets; stores such as Forever 21 are selling. I was intrigued, because with my long hair, I always carry around a few Goody’s Ouchless hair ties to pull my hair back; and when I take my hair down after a prolonged amount of time, I have a menacing and wavy dent in my straight hair where I wound the band around. Needless to say, I wanted to find out more and possibly make my own, if I could afford it.

     So, after doing some research, I discovered that these hair ties are incredibly simple and easy to make. The hair ties are made of fold over elastic, and can be easily found online or at a craft store such as Michael’s. I ordered mine from a great online store, Sunshine Shoppe Supply, for only $0.50 a yard!

Some of the colors they have include these:

     For the hair ties, all you need is fold over elastic (5/8 inch width, in any design, pattern, or color you like), scissors, a ruler or measuring tape, and some fire (lighter, match, candle, etc.).

     To make a hair tie, pick out a color of fold over elastic that you want to use. Carefully measure and cut the elastic (8 & ¼ inches works well, but depending on thickness of hair- a ½ inch more will help.) to the right length. (It should wrap snugly around your wrist.) 

     Once cut, fold the elastic over and knot the ends together. Pull the knot tightly. 
Before burning the edges- some fraying.
     Next, take the fire source (lighter, candle flame, etc.) and place the frayed ends into the flame for a few seconds. It should burn off the frayed edges and give a smooth, even finish. 

     And voila! Add it into your hair or slide onto your wrist and you have your own stylish, nonfraying and dent-free hair tie!

     This project was surprisingly simple and quick to put together- I finished in less than five minutes for one hair tie- and they’re less constricting and more stylish on your wrist than other hair ties. 

     These are great for showing your spirit at sporting events, working out, school spirit weeks, or just for an everyday splash of color into your wardrobe. I hope ya’ll give this one a try!

KorK Rating: Kool
Until Wednesday! –Katie <3


  1. So these really don't leave a dent in your hair? I have extremely straight and then hair and have been looking for the longest time to solve the dent problem!

    1. That's right! :) The elastic, being fold-over elastic (flat) versus the usual cylindrical (round) elastic makes all the difference! The round elastic creates the dent (it's more constricting on the hair) whereas the fold-over elastic allows for a more flexible fit without the constricting dent on the hair.

      They don't leave a dent in your hair at all, regardless of hair type. My hair is naturally straight and slightly thick, and they work great for me! Not to mention, it's so much cheaper to make them yourself than to go to stores such as Forever 21, Icing, or Claire's to purchase a pack of 3 or 4...some charge up to $8 just for one pack of pre-selected designs.

      Hope this helps! :)
      -Katie <3


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