May 22, 2013

D.I.Y. Sidewalk Paint: Kool or Katastrophy?

Happy Wednesday KorKers!
     I hope ya’ll have had a wonderful week since I posted last- I missed you guys! I couldn’t post this past weekend due to some rainy and mucky weather, which ruined my plan for a wonderful sunny day project.

     When I was interning this past summer with a wonderful organization called The Preschool of the Arts (located in Kannapolis/Concord, NC) and helped look after Preschool and Elementary students, I had a blast. 

     One of the several projects that I did with them includes this one: D.I. Y. Sidewalk Paint. The kids had a ton of regular chalk, but I wanted to do something that would be simple and easy to do, not to mention fun! Needless to say, the kids ADORED it.
Water, Cornstarch, Some Containers (for the Paint), Food Coloring,
Paintbrushes, & Skewers to Stir With.

     What you need: corn starch (powder), food coloring, water, paintbrushes, and containers to place the paint in (you’ll need one for each different color you want to make) [if you want white paint, don't add any food coloring]

     The process is simple- just mix together cornstarch and water in a 1 to 1 ratio (e.g. 1 cup cornstarch to 1 cup of water) before adding in the food coloring for color (the more coloring, the darker the color, but it will be slightly pastel regardless due to the whiteness of the powder). 
     Mix it well!!! It will probably be thick when you first stir it together, but keep at it until it is runny in texture. And VOILA- you have sidewalk paint!

     Note: The cornstarch is notorious for settling down into the bottom of the containers often, so make sure to stir the containers of paint often as you use the paints, so you won’t get just the colored water that’s sitting on the top.

     This project is still one of my favorite go-to projects when I’m babysitting or just want to be creative. It’s simple to put together, you can choose and make your own colors, the paint dries just like chalk does, and it easily comes off with water!

KorK Rating: KOOL
Until Sunday KorKers! –Katie <3

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