April 10, 2013

Welcome Back Spring! & D.I.Y. Bottle Globe Project

Happy Wednesday KorKers!
     Springtime is finally among us where I live, and with Spring comes the many adventures that Mother Nature puts us through: pollen, flowers, rain, pollen, sunshine, and did I mention pollen? (haha)
Look Out! (Credit: QuickMeme.com)
     Anyway, pollen jokes aside, I’m overjoyed that spring has finally arrived. I was thinking for a while that we were having a second winter instead- which reminded me of this meme: 
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     But the last few days has been absolutely wonderful with temperatures going into the 70s, which has been gladly accepted by just about everyone (except those with pollen allergies- sorry guys!) that I’ve seen on my college campus and at home. Today at college as I was walking between classes, many students were playing football, ultimate Frisbee, sunbathing, playing guitar and serenading students walking by, or just relaxing in the shade of a large oak- personally, I just wanted to sit under one of the big trees and read a book! This peaceful atmosphere looked incredibly serene, especially with the beautiful blossoms from some of the cherry trees on campus.
(Credit: Katie Barbee)
(Credit: Katie Barbee)
(Credit: Katie Barbee) 
(Credit: Katie Barbee)
Also, spring has been in full effect on my family’s farm as well, with many of the trees and flowers blooming again. The cattle have been particularly enjoying the more comfortable weather and so are the newborn calves! (You may “awww” now. Haha)
Some of the cattle on the Farm (Credit: Katie Barbee)
Pear Blossoms (Credit: Katie Barbee)
My Dog, Phoebe (Credit: Katie Barbee) 
A Newborn Calf with her Mother (Credit: Katie Barbee)
     With all of the cool pictures of spring here through my eyes, I actually wanted to try out an experiment. If you’re not familiar with the water globes that you place into a potted plant, I apologize now if I can’t clarify it for you here! Anyway, these globes are made of hand-blown glass, and their purpose is to (after filling with water and being placed into a plant) help water even the most persnickety plants so they can stay perfectly watered and continue to grow wonderfully. These little guys are great- my sister actually bought some from The Dollar Tree no less, compared to its commercialized official sibling on the ‘As Seen on TV’ shelf. It’s pretty simplistic, but as a college student, I was wondering if there is any way to make a easy duplicate, and well, here it is- A KorK D.I.Y. Water Globe.

What you need:
An Empty Glass Bottle (a beer bottle, soda bottle, etc.- even if it’s plastic, it should work)
Your Plant of Choice (I used my Hibiscus plant)
A Plastic Topper (from the little test-tube like containers single flowers are placed in by supermarkets, fairs, etc. I got mine after purchasing some bamboo- these were the containers that the roots of the plant were placed into to keep it alive on the shelf)

     Make sure your bottle is clean and dry before filling it up with water. Once filled, carefully place the plastic topper on top of the mouth of the bottle (it should stretch to fit). The topper should have a single opening in the middle (where the plant’s stem was inserted), but you could make a few cuts from the middle outward so the water can flow a little more easily. And Voila! You have your own water globe! (Or should I say, bottle globe!)

Once the globe is completely assembled, dig out a small place by the plant and place the globe in (the bottom of the bottle facing upwards) and cover it. This starts the slow process of the water entering the soil, just like the real globes do.

Overall, this experiment worked out better than I had hoped; it was a simple and easy project, and not to mention, this holds more water than the real water globe would- over two times more! I hope you guys will like it as much as I do, and I’ll see you guys on Sunday! Make sure to leave your suggestions below about what I should talk about next!
KorK Rating: Kool
Much Love- Katie <3

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