April 17, 2013

KorK Pinterest Experiment: 'Cupcakes for Two'

Happy Wednesday KorKers!
     I hope you’ve been having a great few days- it’s been pretty crazy for me at the moment with the school semester winding down like I talked about last time, but also The Boston Bombing in Massachusetts has greatly shaken everyone here in the U.S.A., myself included. I even watched the news for four hours straight on Monday night just to stay up-to-date on any updates being announced…it’s incredibly horrifying and makes one highly insecure about themselves and their sense of safety, about whether you’re truly safe and sound or if there’s something evil or even deadly afoot a mere casual and serene scene.

     I’d like to ask each of you reading this (YES, EVEN YOU- PERSON WHO’S READING OVER THE SHOULDER OF THIS PERSON SEATED!) to take a moment, think, and send your thoughts and prayers for the many individuals involved- those who were running in the Boston Marathon, the bystanders, the many victims. Think of how it would be if this was a common occurrence and even if it happened in your own town. Scary right?

     All of the sadness and traumatic events aside, I wanted to do something simple and easy for KorK, not to mention to do something a bit sweeter to go against all of the bitter news lately. Which in turn resulted in this post: experimenting with another Pinterest recipe- ‘Cupcakes For Two’.

     Along with looking into The Boston Bombing, I was skimming through some old pins of mine on my Pinterest account, and found this pin:

     When I clicked on the pin, it linked me to ‘OhCupcakes- delicious ideas for your sweet recipes’, which provided a link to the original post on the website ‘How Sweet It Is- for people who, like, totallylove food’ titled, One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes For Two. So, after checking out the recipe and gathering the items needed, I set out and made some cupcakes, following the original recipe! However, I did add in a change or two to that of the original recipe by How Sweet It Is, one of them involving CHOCOLATE. Check out this screenshot of their page below!


     Going step by step, I mixed the ingredients together according to the recipe, melted butter included, until my batter was completed. And let me tell you- the batter is finger-licking GOOD. (Haha!)

     Once I filled one of my cupcake liners with the vanilla, I wanted to do a little experiment by adding one teaspoon of cocoa powder and adding another tablespoon of milk to the remaining mix to see if it would make a great chocolate batter. After measuring out, adding, and mixing the cocoa powder and milk into the batter- I did a taste test. I almost wanted to stop making these cupcakes and just eat the batter while I worked on some papers for college…but I resisted. That’s how good it was! After filling up the second cupcake liner with the chocolate (with a decent amount), I had a little extra batter remaining, so I ended up adding another liner in the cupcake pan to place the rest into, rather than the advertised 'two' cupcakes. Once I finished with the batter, I placed them in the oven at 350° F and baked them for about 12-13 minutes until the centers were fully baked, and let the cupcakes cool. 

     And Voila! Easy to make cupcakes, and all that’s left to do is add icing and decorate (if you’d like to, that is)!

[Warning: Cupcake Deliciousity!]

I really enjoyed trying out this pin from Pinterest, and I can’t wait to experiment with some more soon- especially if it involves food! (Haha!)

KorK Rating: Deliciously Kool
Until Sunday! –Katie <3

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  1. This post will come in handy because I love cupcakes but don't want to make a lot of them every time I want one. Your cupcakes look great too!


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