April 3, 2013

Kool or Katastrophy?: D.I.Y. Decorative Magnets

Happy Wednesday KorKers!
     I hope ya’ll have been having a good few days, I know I have. Anyway, for Kool or Katastrophy? on this fine Wednesday, I wanted to try out my attempt of something I’ve seen in department stores like Kohl’s as well as office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot- cute little glass magnets that have a design to them. When I first saw them in the stores, my first thought was, “I could make that for less than half the cost, no problem!” So, I pretty much put my foot where my mouth is and buckled down to try it out.

     What you need:
-Cute glass gems (any size or color depending on what you want) [you can find these at The Dollar Tree for $1!)
-Magnets (a roll or even the business card sized ones- you can cut them to size to make them fit)
-Washable School Glue or ModPodge [ModPodge if you’re using fabric!]
-A Paintbrush [a cheap, plastic one will do]
-Scrapbook Paper, Fabric, or a printed picture or design [this will be the background behind the gem]
-An Exacto Knife or razor blade [to cut out and trim the extra paper/background against the gem to give it a smoother look- THEY’RE VERY SHARP, SO BE CAREFUL!]
-Hairdryer- OPTIONAL

A surprise by my sister Sara! Have fun with this project!
     To start, make sure you have all of the supplies [of course!] set out and ready to go! Plan out what gems you want on what background [if you’re using different colors and backgrounds like I am]. Grab the paintbrush and coat the back of each gem with a light layer of glue before pressing it against the image/background/fabric, making sure it’s secure. Continue the process until you’re out of gems or gotten the amount you’ve wanted. Wait until the glue is dry, or use a hairdryer to dry them quicker! Once they’re completely dry, take a razorblade or exacto knife to trim away the excess paper/fabric before placing a magnet on the back. Continue the process until finished. VOILA! You now have beautiful custom magnets!

     I found this project to be pretty cool, especially because I could customize what I wanted as the background and it was rather simple to put together. However, the strength of the magnet can help or hinder how well the magnet works as a whole, and depending on if you’re using a printout of images, the ink can run some (which is the case with mine), but if its colorful or tie dye, you’re fine. I hope you guys have some fun with this one!
KorK Rating: Kool
See you this weekend, KorKers! –Katie <3


  1. Wow I have never thought about doing this,it looks really neat and makes me want to go try it out.Yours turned out nice, I just hope if I do try it that it will come out right:)

  2. This is reall cool. I might have to try this when I get my own place because you never have enough of magnets.:)

    1. Sounds great! Just make sure you get magnets that are strong enough to hold the gems on- the ones I have fall off every now and then, just so you know. :P

  3. This KorK post is awesome! I would have never thought about this. I normally go to Walmart and buy some, but this wauy you can have some that no one else in the world has. This is a Kool idea and I'm so glad that you have shared it with us.


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