April 7, 2013

D.I.Y. Custom Keychains Experiment

Happy Sunday Ya’ll!
     I hope you’ve each had a great weekend! My weekend project to share with all of you is how to make your own key chains from scrap fabric to use as gifts or just for decoration to your own set of keys.
What you need:
     Scrap Fabric, Iron-On Adhesive/Fusing Tape/Etc. (to bind the fabric together), Twill Tape or other material you’d like (for the connector between the key ring and key chain itself), a key ring (the metal circle or another clip), pinking shears, scissors, a sewing machine, an iron, an ironing board, some paper, a pencil, and some straight pins.
     On paper, draw out or trace the shape you want your key chain to be and cut it out- this will be your own pattern. Pin the pattern on your scrap fabric and cut out at least two of the same shape (more if you prefer, depending on how thick you want the keychain to be), and also- using the same pattern as for the fabric- cut out an appropriate number of pieces of the Iron-On Adhesive (You want to make sure the pieces will stay together well). 
     Apply the adhesive onto the fabric by using the iron. Once it’s cool and the two pieces are firmly stuck together, sew them together with a sewing machine- making sure that there is enough room around the edge to use the pinking shears- and leave a small portion at the top of the keychain (or where you want the connector for the keychain to connect at to go). With the edges sewn all the way around, save for the small opening where the connector will be placed, use the pinking shears to trim away the flyaway threads and to clean the edges. Once you’re finished cutting, cut a piece of Twill Tape or the material for the connecter and fold it in half (adding your key ring)- you can iron it as well to make sure it stays smooth when you’re sewing- and sew up the rest of the keychain, securing the Tape into place and finishing the keychain.
     Note- you can also add monograms (at the start) or you can decorate with buttons or any other flair you’d like.
     And Voila! You now have a one-of-a-kind keychain. Overall, this project was pretty challenging (I’m not a whiz with a sewing machine all of the time, but I’m learning) yet interesting at the same time. Overall, I now have a unique keychain (seen at the top of this post) to go onto my keys alongside the ones I’ve received from working with Elementary School students, and that’s pretty cool.
KorK Rating: Kool
Until Wednesday KorKers! –Katie <3

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