March 20, 2013

No Heat Curls via The Sock Bun Method- Kool or Katastrophy?

Happy Wednesday KorKers!
     I decided to switch it up, as I promised before, and I wanted to try out another pin I found on Pinterest a long time ago. This time it’s a fashion/beauty post. When I went to find the pin, I couldn’t find it! (I panicked for a moment, but I did find the YouTube video that went with it thankfully! So there are some positives!)
You’re probably looking at the computer screen or your phone wondering, “Katie, what in the world are you rambling on about? Get to the point already!”

     Well my dear audience, I decided to try out a way to achieve curls without using heat- which can be a big feat if you’re trying to get the perfect spiral curls in your hair without having to use a curling iron or even a hair straightener- I personally have a clipless curling wand, and I LOVE using it if I want to add some waves and curls to my hair, especially since it’s naturally straight. I envy my younger sister- out of the genes between my parents, she has a great mix of my mom’s smooth and sleek hair along with my dad’s wavy and curly hair…it’s just the right amount of both. Mine will curl with heat or if I have it up in a bun long enough, and I can get waves if I let my hair air dry after taking a shower; but part of the time, I don’t really have enough time to wake up early and curl my hair with how busy my college schedule gets (you think high school was busy and crazy? College is a bit worse).
 Anyway, the method I tried to achieve these amazing curls was by using The Sock Bun- you actually make it out of a sock, or you can buy one of the foam rings that you can find at Claire’s or other beauty shops to use. It’s pretty easy to make, but it takes a lot of practice to put it all together.

What you need:
-An old tube sock (one that matches your natural hair color if you’re going to wear it out into public; or not if you’re just going to sleep in it)
-A hair tie or two (I placed an extra one around the bun after I finished to secure it)
-Spray Bottle with Water
 To make the sock bun, cut off the toe section of the tube sock with scissors. Roll the sock into a doughnut shape. Voila!
Here’s the amazing YouTube video by the amazing Loepsie that explains her method and how to do it (She explains it better than I do):
To put the sock bun in place:

1. Brush out your hair until there are no tangles, then put your hair up in a high ponytail on the top of your head with a hair tie.
2. Brush out the ponytail again (no tangles), then with the spray bottle filled with water, lightly dampen the ponytail (DON’T SOAK).
(If you want to do this after you take a shower and wash your hair, skip the misting step and let your hair dry out until lightly damp.)
3. Take the sock doughnut and place it at the end of the ponytail (tips of hair) and loop it through. Continue the process, but rolling the doughnut towards the base of your head, rolling your hair in as you go- like you’re rolling up a shirt sleeve (try to make your hair cover all of the way around the circle) until its secure on your head. 

Feel free to add an extra hair tie around the bun for security; then you’re ready to go! (If you want to wear it out to town.) If you’re going for the curls like I did, go to bed- the bun should be high enough on your head so you’re not sleeping on top of it and so you can toss and turn easily. In the morning, make sure your hair is dry- I used my hair dryer to make sure while it was still up in the bun- before taking it down carefully and revealing your curls!
My Naturally Straight Hair  

Finished Ponytail
The Completed Sock Bun!
Having A Weeping Angel Moment- DON'T BLINK! (I Couldn't Resist) 
The Next Morning- After Taking The Bun Out. It's Very Wavy, But No Curls This Time! 
     I adore this idea of no heat curls, and I’ve tried this method and a few others before a long time ago with great results. However, this time, I guess my hair was still too damp for it to work; but it did make my hair wavy, which is still better than nothing. I’ll definitely give it another try later. Also, the bun itself is super cute- it’s just like making a topknot for a rainy day outfit, and it keeps the hair out of your face if you’re working. You can always accessorize it with a piece of ribbon or bow as well if you’d like. Feel free to go all out on this one and let me know in the comments below what you think about this- I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

     KorK Rating: Overall, with previous attempts a long time ago included, Kool. But for this specific attempt- Katastrophy. 

   I need to test this some more with Loepsie's newer tips and methods seen in the YouTube video above- which I may post about later on.

Anyway, please take a moment to check out Loepsie and her amazing YouTube channel- she has some great tutorials and ideas! Give her some love, and subscribe!
Until next time KorKers! –Katie <3


  1. I am tempted to steal Perry's socks. In my case it might control the curls.

    1. Haha! I'm not sure what he'd do if he opened the dresser and found them missing, but it would be worth a try! :) Love you guys! <3


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