March 17, 2013

A KorKer's St. Patrick's Day Breakfast 2013

Happy Sunday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day KorKers!

     I hope you’re each wearing some green and celebrating like I am! I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day along with my birthday- yep, I’m a lucky baby- I was born today a little more than two decades ago. Wow, its amazing how fast time flies…anyway, the St. Patrick’s Day celebration with my family has been pretty great, especially our breakfast to get us in the spirit: Shamrock Green Pancakes and Green Milk.

     I know I’ve been in the cooking and baking vibe for the last few posts, but next time I’ll be discussing something non-food related, so please don’t be too upset with me now.

     Anyway, what you’ll need to make Shamrock Green Pancakes & Milk is a box of pancake mix or your favorite pancake batter recipe, along with green food coloring, seen here:

To make the green milk, you only need to combine milk and food coloring. It’s that simple!

Here’s how our St. Patty’s Day breakfast turned out:

The Finished Green Milk
And Viola! Shamrock Green Pancakes and Milk!
     This is super easy to put together and not to mention delicious. In my opinion being simple, is usually the best way to go with this- you can overdo it with fruit and whatnot like normal pancakes if you’d like, but all you need to do is add in some green food coloring to make it ready for St. Patrick’s Day or you can customize the color any other occasion. I hope you guys give it a try and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!
KorK Rating: Kool

Until Wednesday KorKers! –Katie <3

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