March 13, 2013

A KorK St. Patrick's Day Original Recipe: 'Pot of Gold' Drink

Happy Wednesday KorKers!

     I hope you’ve been great since I’ve posted last- I really missed blogging over my Spring Break, especially since I was busy with homework and spending time with my family (which I desperately needed). It’s amazing how fast time will fly, and I’m glad to announce that this Sunday is…St. Patrick’s Day! The holiday focused around leprechauns, Ireland, four-leaf clovers, rainbows, pots of gold, drinking, wearing green and pinching others who don’t wear green, and asking to be kissed because you’re Irish (or drunk, haha!). Not only that, but it also happens to be my birthday (cue the party balloons falling from the ceiling). Anyway, birthday stuff aside, I decided that for today’s post and Sunday’s posts that it would be: St. Patrick’s Day themed! J
     So going with the St. Patrick’s Day theme, I wanted to create something that would be fun for kids and also for adults. My experiment resulted in a drink that I call the Pot of Gold- a rainbow inside a pot of gold that you can drink!
What you need:
-Ice Trays
-Food Coloring
-Cups (To mix the colors in)
-Glasses (To drink the beverage out of)
-A Soda with a golden tint (Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Seven Up, Sundrop, etc.) [For the ‘of age’ adults- you can experiment with liquor if you wish]

1. Decide on what colors you want for your ice cubes- Rainbow colors are the base of this drink, but if you want to make a custom drink for other occasions, you can use those colors only. Mix the colors individually and dilute with how much water you want (How much food coloring and water is up to you).
Mixing the Colors
2. Carefully pour the colored water into your ice trays (I did each color separately to ensure they wouldn’t mix before freezing) and place them into the freezer until frozen.
Before Freezing
3. Once fully frozen, remove them from the freezer and take the ice cubes out of the tray (you can place them into a bowl to scoop them out easily). Fill up your glasses with at least one ice cube of each color before pouring your soda/drink of choice over the top of the colored cubes.
The Completed Rainbow Ice!
Assembling the Pot of Gold
'The Completed Pot of Gold Drink: A rainbow (colored ice cubes) swimming in a pot of gold (soda).
And VOILA! You now have your own drinkable rainbow in a pot of gold!

     Overall, the experiment was a success. The drink looks and tastes fantastic while providing a unique look that fits in with St. Patrick’s Day. However, it did have its pros and cons…

Pros: looked and tasted great; very colorful

Cons: too much food coloring made the drink change colors as the ice melted (later ending in a mucky color such as what is seen when painting with watercolors)- and may temporarily stain the tongue, lips, and skin lightly (like most hard candies such as Jolly Ranchers do).
This is after a few refills- The food coloring from the ice cubes disperses into the drink itself.
It's not harmful, but WARNING: it will stain your skin some.

KorK Rating: Kool and Katastrophe- varies from measurement to measurement of coloring to water.

I hope ya’ll give this one a try!
Until Sunday KorKers! –Katie <3


  1. Katie, I've never thought of coloring ice cubes before! I love this idea- I'm actually doing a St. Patrick's day Hall program and I might have to try this for my residents!

    1. That sounds awesome! Please let me know how it turns out :)

  2. Your drinks makes me want try this even more!!! Just have to find the time and I would do mine a little differen tho, if you know what I mean, Lol.

    1. Haha, that's completely fine! :) Thanks!

  3. Really cute idea. I'll have to try this out. Does it stain the ice trays?

    1. If you rinse/wash out the ice trays right after cracking and removing the ice from them, the extra coloring should rinse out without a problem without staining it. But it can also depend on how much coloring you use and on what kind of plastic try (if it can stain easily) as well- some aren't super thick and could stain.
      Hope this helps! :)


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