February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day KorKers!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! 

I hope your week has been going well! I know its been a week since I posted, but this past weekend has been incredibly busy for me at college working athletic events, attending a school dance, and slaying massive amounts of homework for classes; but I still want to take a minute to say I’m sorry for not getting to post something! 

In spite of the crazy time at the moment with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, the world is completely packed with messages floating around regarding love, affection, and heartbreak; along with gifts, chocolates, flowers, and romance in any and all forms possible. At college, this is also the case, with Valentine’s decorations and for my school, a Carnation Sale for loved ones; yet at the same time for most college students it’s just another busy day to get stuff done or just a day where we make time to spend with our significant other, even if it is for an hour at the most. Some friends of mine won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day until Friday night or the weekend due to their busy schedules during the week and also so they can have more than just twenty minutes to spend on the holiday.

If you may be wondering, “Who and how in the world, especially a college student, can have time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with how busy a college education can be?” Well, with all of the usual schoolwork- papers, projects, studying, daily assignments, etc.- it gets to be super busy for most students, not to mention when they could also be involved with school groups, sports, or working part-time. The time can really add up. For some of my friends who are in this situation, including myself, we feel like after the many late nights we pull, we could become zombies, yet we still get what we need to accomplished. Anyway, mini-ranting tangent on busy college life aside, on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, taken, or looking for love, you can always, and I mean ALWAYS take some time to celebrate.

Girls, if you’re single this year, there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself by having a girl’s night in: full of chick-flicks, romantic films, trendy magazines, chocolate, snacks, and some good friends if you want! Guys, the same idea goes to you- go to the movies, play video games, do whatever you'd like to celebrate. For me, a favorite of mine, especially for this year, is to do have a movie night at my house or go to the movies with my friends to see a romance or action packed film! This is especially the best thing to do when it’s the day after Valentine’s Day, so you can get really good candy at a small cost as a bonus! 

HEY, Valentine’s candy is at the least 25% to 75% off in most drugstores, mainly because they have to clear the stock as quickly as possible; but also- the candy is still good if not perfect the day after!!! It’s seriously worth it! Even if you aren't going to celebrate Valentine's Day, this is an easy and great way to get some worthwhile candies and treats!

For all of my audience who are taken or in a relationship- have fun this Valentine’s Day! Guys, surprise your girl with flowers, dinner, or a date to the movies- and make it memorable! Girls, take it easy on the guys and just have fun- a relationship is a two-way street and should be enjoyable.

So whether you’re single, taken, or looking for love, I hope each and every one of you have an amazing and love-filled Valentine’s Day! Please let me know in the comments below what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, along with any suggestions for future posts and I’ll see you guys on Sunday! <3 Katie

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