February 3, 2013

D.I.Y. Temporary Tattoos

Hello & Happy Sunday Everyone!
     My weekend was fantastic, if you guys were wondering. For my internship I helped work two of my college’s baseball games, also, I got to spend some long overdue quality time with my family and two of my sister’s good friends, along with watching The Superbowl tonight! J While everyone was visiting, we decided to try out something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now: get a tattoo, especially since it’s been a popular thing among my friends at the moment.
 Before you panic, NO, it’s not a legitimate permanent tattoo- it’s temporary.
     YES, TEMPORARY. I made D.I.Y. TEMPORARY TATTOOS. How? Well, it’s pretty simple.
     Well, there is always the commonly done Sharpie/permanent marker tattoo, in which you just draw directly on the skin, which I’ve done numerous times. This time however, I wanted to make it a little differently, not to mention waterproof if possible. My attempts were successful, to a degree.

What you need: rubbing alcohol, baby powder, eyebrow pencil/eyeliner (in any color you want), cotton puffs, tracing paper, a small paintbrush, a pencil, scissors, and waterproof liquid bandage spray.
     1) Decide what you want your tattoo to be and draw it on a sheet of tracing paper (once applied on the skin, it will be a faint outline of the tattoo- if it is a phrase, you can write it out on one side of the paper, flip it over (so it is the reflection of the words), and go over it numerous times to make it darker). Once your image is traced (the more times, the darker the outline), cut it out (square/rectangle) with some extra tracing paper around it.
     2) Clean the section of skin that you want to place the tattoo with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton puff. Once the surface of the skin is clean, set the tattoo down carefully. (If the tattoo is large, you can tape the edges of the paper down to your skin to keep it in place, or you can get someone else to help hold it in place.) Once it is in place, get some rubbing alcohol (using a cotton puff) and slowly go over the tracing paper until it is soaked through. Let the paper sit for a few minutes until you believe that it is ready, then slowly and carefully remove the outline. There should be a faint but noticeable outline.
     3) Using your weapon of choice- eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and even liquid eyeliner; carefully trace over the outline (or draw freehand if you don’t want to do an outline) until it looks to your liking.
     4) Once you’re done drawing your image/phrase/etc., take some baby powder with the small paintbrush and carefully cover the eyeliner/eyebrow pencil with the powder (it won’t smear as easily this way when the liquid bandage spray is applied). Once you apply the powder, carefully wipe away any access powder with a clean cotton puff.
     5) Lastly, take the liquid bandage spray and carefully spray it- making sure it covers the tattoo completely. Wait for the bandage to completely dry- around 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo and what brand of liquid bandage spray you use.

Then you're ready to show off your fake tattoo to the world! [In the end, we had some Dr. Who, Sherlock, LOTR, and other random tattoos to show off once we were done (see first pic).]
My Lord of The Rings Tattoo; Quote: "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost." -Credit: Katie Barbee

     I really enjoyed trying out this idea, but I found that it did have its pros and cons. Pros: its much less painful than getting a real tattoo; it allows for you to see what it would look like before you got it for real; and the temporary tattoo worked best with small images. Cons: with large images, especially at places that are constantly moved (wrist, fingers, etc.), the liquid bandage would start to crack- especially after you sleep with it on- and begin to peel and flake off into pieces. I was super saddened when my Lord of the Rings Elvish quote began to do this.

 With that in mind, my overall KorK rating: Both Kool and Katastrophy. It worked well, especially with small images, but if you do a large image, expect for it not to last for a long period of time.

Until Wednesday, I hope you guys have a great few days! –Katie <3

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