January 24, 2013

Hello Internet! Welcome to the Crazy World of KorK!

Hello Internet! 
(Wow, it’s a little strange for me to write that, especially after my first thought was of this meme!)

Anyway, memes aside, I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself.

     I’m Katie B., the writer of this blog, Kool or Katastrophy (KorK for short), but you can call me Katie. I’m a junior in college, pursuing a degree in Communication Arts and dream of working in radio, broadcasting, television, or in journalism.

     Personally, I’m a little geeky, dorky, tomboyish, girly, and just about anything a Southern Belle can and needs to be- we’re raised to be tough, haha.

     People have asked me, “So why is Kool or Katastrophy the title of your blog? What are you writing about anyway?”

     Well, like many people, I get online almost every day to connect with friends on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, among many others. On these sites, I always see individuals sharing or pinning music, memes, quotes, videos, d.i.y.s, recipes, ideas, and pictures- the norm for most people, myself included. 

     So I began to wonder, “Are any of these recommendations, fads or trends that are sweeping through these sites worth experimenting, exploring into, and writing about, just for fun?”

My immediate answer: DEFINITELY.

     So, brace yourselves, readers! This blog will be rather interesting- not only is it my first blog, but I’m going to try and review movies, music, fashion trends, recipes, and who knows what else; as per your requests or what sparks my creativity at the moment. I can guarantee you this though; I’ll try to make it funny as often as I can with movie quotes, memes, pictures, and videos!

     Please feel free to post a comment below or shoot me a message if you have any suggestions about what I should write about or just to chat! I’d love to hear from you!  -Katie <3

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