January 30, 2013

D.I.Y. Earbud/Headphone Wrap

         For my first project for KorK, I decided to go through my Pinterest account, mainly because there are SO many things that I have pinned over the last year or more that I have wanted to try.

     As I was skimming through my boards, I found one of my oldest pins, a d.i.y. for jazzing up headphone/earbud wires, making them stylish but also unable to kink or get tangled up when you're on the go. (This problem is super common for everyone- especially myself.
Photo Credit: ApartmentTherapy.com
The pin, originally sourced from Apartment Therapy's website, was repinned by numerous, and I mean numerous individuals on Pinterest, spawning secondary pins with other d.i.y. instructions or advice on how to accomplish the look in different ways, including an amazing post by Elizabeth on her blog, Kiss Me Awake. I had such an wonderful time completing this project after visiting her blog and watching her Chinese Staircase video tutorial! It's definitely worth it. (It made this project SO much easier for me!) 

What You Need:
-Earbuds, Headphones, or Whatever Wire You Want (I've even seen them for phone chargers)
-Embroidery Floss/Thread In Any Color You Want (At least three of the 8m rolls)
-School Glue or Super Glue
-A Paper Clamp (optional)

***-About 3 OR MORE HOURS of free time (It WILL take a good amount of time to do this!)***


1. Gather your materials & find a clear space to work!

2. Tape the PLUG END of the headphones to the table and pull it taut- you don't want it loose when you're tying the knots! You can use the paper clamp to gather the rest of the cord and clip It to the edge of a chair, or you can do what I did- I taped the bottom of the wire that was on the table down, then used the clip to hold the rest of the earbuds in place.

3. With your headphones securely on the table, open one of your embroidery floss packages and untangle it. Find both ends of the floss and then, the middle of the floss. The middle is where you start.

4. With the center of the thread, loop it under the wire and tie a simple knot. Once its secure, I started the Chinese Staircase method that I saw on Elizabeth's blog (in other terms, you're tying square knots around the earbud wire), or you can do another technique for making friendship bracelets. Once you continue the staircase technique or knotting pattern, the knots naturally swirl around the wire like the stripes on candy canes.

5. Continue the staircase method or other friendship bracelet technique until you run out of floss/thread.

6. Once at the end of the thread, tie a simple knot like you begun with and tape down the remaining ends to the wire (it leaves you a smooth starting point to start adding more thread). Then, repeat directions 3-6 (starting knot to the end of thread or wire) until finished.

7. If you have finished the wire you want to wrap, tie off the remaining thread with a single simple knot. Trim the ends of the string (leave a small portion). Then, take some school glue or superglue and spread it over the ends of the floss- making it secure against the wrap so it won't become untangled easily (you can also try to tuck in the ends before gluing).

8. Repeat the process for seperate wires (especially seen in most earbuds/headphones). And VOILA! You are done!
So far, my earbuds have worked perfectly (as they would without the wrap) and they are definitely now more durable since they no longer tangle up easily. This has been a blessing, especially since I use my headphones when I'm working at athletic events at my internship.

     And now, for the rating (like the show Mythbusters, it's more fun that way!). KorKbuster rating: KOOL. This project is incredibly fun yet time consuming (it took me almost 4 hours to complete)- but it also makes your headphones to where they are not damaged as easily due to tangles and allows you to add character and personality to dull and dreary looking headphones, which is always a plus.
Until next time! -Katie <3


  1. Finally got around to checking out this post, Katie -- it looks GREAT! Your earbuds came out beautifully. Thanks so much for linking to my post! <3 Elizabeth

    1. You're very welcome! It was my pleasure to refer to yours, it helped me out immensely! :)<3 Katie


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